Lake rules:

Rules must be followed for both your safety and the safety of our fish stocks.

  1. No peanuts!
  2. Particles must be prepared properly, if checked and found not efficiently cooked you will be asked to leave.
  3. Rods must not be left unattended at any time NO EXCEPTIONS. No keep nets, no sacks, floating recovery slings are permitted for 10 minutes only.
  4.  Photographing / fish care, all carp must be photographed over a mat/cradle. Preferably ones which hold water , Fish should not be lifted above knee height, all fish to be returned ASAP after weighing and photographing. A large bucket of water, preferably next to unhooking mat.
  5.  NO lead-core/lead-free leaders. Micro barb hooks only, no bent hooks
  6.  Maximum 2 hours away from swim i.e. home, shop, shower. No swim holding.
  7. No BBQs on the gras and No Generators.
  8. Maximum of 3 rods to be used (please make sure you have 2 EA rod licenses).
  9. ALL Catches on willow must be reported via a (text) message to 07894573432 within 24 hours, a mat shot will do but both sides preferably, discretion will be applied.
  10. All cars must be parked in designated areas unless the tracks are open.
  11. No litter of any description to be left anywhere on the lake.
  12. ALL fish must be unhooked or line/rig cut in the water. No lifting of any fish in landing net. All fish must be lifted with either your flotation or weighing sling.
  13. All members to carry essential antiseptic / clinic gel / medi carp and a minimum of 42in landing net to be used complete with no holes and a suitable recovery sling .
  14. When stalking anglers must have recovery sling to hand, cradle can be collected once fish is safe and secure in a sling , FISH MAY BE RETAINED IN A LANDING NET OR SLING FOR A MAXIMUM OF TEN MINUTES .
  15. No permanently fixed leads or bolt rigs and all leads must be able to break free should a fish become snagged, No Braided mainline except spod or marker rods.
  16. Minimum of 15lb breaking strain mainline to be used.
  17. NO excessive drinking, loud radios, fires, guns, swimming, drugs. DOGS are allowed with permission.
  18. Bait boats can be used (please consider all other anglers).
  19. All landing nets and unhooking mats to be BONE DRY before use.
  20. Membership cards must be carried at all times and shown on request.
  21. No guests unless permission has been granted, NO person to leave from the lakes between 10:30pm and 5:00am.
  22. A 35 Membership will be invite only and are payable before 1 April each year. Members who fail to pay their subscriptions by the due date will lose their membership place as a waiting list is in operation.
  23. Rods will be fished locked tight when fishing to snags, reeds and suchlike. If a fish becomes weeded up a life jacket and boat must be used if it is safe to do so. If a boat needs to be used let another member know or call the above number (life jackets must be worn !!!). Personal safety must come first.
  24. The boat and equipment must be returned to mooring. Boats not to be used for baiting.
  25. Any hang ups or broken line must be reported so they can be dealt with.
  26. All members must include waders or hipsters as part of their standard equipment. No waders in boats
  27. A toilet is supplied in the top car park
  28. The whereabouts of Charlie’s is not mentioned anywhere, especially on social media, photos can be shared but discretion used at all times. This is to protect our members and fish stocks.
  29.  The carp in Charlie’s will be handled with the utmost of care and highest possible standard of behavior will be expected from all, these are common sense rules please abide by them, anyone breaking the rules faces expulsion and fees will not be refunded.